The Very Edge (1963)

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Anne Heywood-Jeremy Brett Anne Heywood-Jeremy Brett

Good suspense as a former London model is being stalked by a man who will stop at nothing to get to her.

Tracey Lawrence (Anne Heywood) is happily married to architect Geoffrey (Richard Todd). She’s pregnant and her pal is Selina (Verina Greenlaw) the little girl next door. At his office Geoffrey is good at his job but his office is a mess. His boss Crawford has his secretary Helen (Nicole Maury) assigned to him to get things straightened out.

Selina drops in on Tracey because she fell and cut her knee and arm. Tracey treats her. When she’s out of the room Selina pours some powder in the mixture she was treated with. Selina goes home. Now Tracey has another visitor (Jeremy Brett). He breaks in and starts to attack her. Geoffrey comes home early and the man runs off. She managed to toss some of…

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