Leslie Howard’s Hamlet

beautiful article, thank you for the links ..

Inafferrabile Leslie Howard

In one of my previous posts, Leslie Howard’s Hamlet Praised, I reproduced a review published in The Lewiston Daily Sun of November 17, 1936.

Here I give you the links to other documents related to Leslie Howard’s Hamlet. I think these documents are worth reading; Leslie Howard’s production deserves more attention than it generally receives, being often and quite hastily dismissed as a failure. It wasn’t. The production was favourably reviewed in Boston and Philadelphia, and after the “limited engagement” at the Imperial Theatre (though the production was flourishing at the box-office, Leslie was annoyed with the unhappy situation and closed the play in December 1936), the long tour around the United States was a great success.

Just a note, to point out–quite ironically, if you allow me–that one of the most severe judgements (a venomous one, though mitigated in a subsequent article) was expressed by John Mason Brown, the same critic who, in an article published…

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